A hard cross Gustavo Petro & General Zapateiro

A hard cross Gustavo Petro & General Zapateiro

A trill of presidential candidate Gustavo Petro generated a tough meeting on social networks between the presidential candidate who is running for the top position in the country by the Historic Pact and the commander of the Army General Eduardo Enrique Zapateiro. Petro claimed that some (generally) officers were "on the payroll of the Clan."

"While soldiers are being murdered by Gulf Clan, some generals are on the payroll of Clan. They end up ascending to generals." Gustavo Petro, an internet user said that the top leaders of drug trafficking are corrupted.

General Zapateiro's response

The message prompted the response of the Army Commander and Commander of the Army, who in six trillions interviewed the presidential candidate.

General Zapateiro said, "There is no one more grieved from the loss of a soldier than the families of the camouflaged soldiers However, their ultimate sacrifice to the country should not be used in the narratives of political campaigns."

Francia Marquez was unable to claim two homes in Cali.

An officer of the highest rank spoke up about the deaths of soldiers over the past few years. "Since 2021 more than 500 military personnel have been wounded or killed during the course of their mission.  gustavo petro Their sacrifices have not been recognized publicly, therefore there have been no announcements. It is curious that now the deaths of the heroes of the fatherland causes affliction and can be used as a sign for other reasons."

Gustavo Petro asked the army commander if he had any details about links between generals and groups that weren't covered by the law.  https://www.eluniversal.com.co/temas/-/meta/gustavo-petro If so, he should make an inquiry to the authorities.

https://www.larepublica.co/gustavo-petrohttps://www.portafolio.co/elecciones-2022/gustavo-petro-ganador-del-pacto-historico-562857 "Senator Don't use your investiture (parliamentary inviolability) to claim to be a politicizing of the deaths of our soldiers.  https://www.elheraldo.co/gustavo-petro Instead perform your civic duty by submitting a substantiated complaint to the

@FiscaliaCol of the details that you cite, who is"" the general you mentioned.

In a second trill: "I remind you that as a senator you're part of the collective which you can call out as 'drug-trafficking politicians'.  Gustavo Petro As citizens, it's important that you don't generalize. Respect first and most important"

One of the most controversial comments issued by high-ranking officials is one in which he claimed Colombians were witnessing their current president receiving cash "ina garbage bag".

"I've never seen a general gain illicit riches on TV." General Zapateiro stated that Colombians were witness to him taking money from an empty garbage bag.

petro gustavo In the last message the official stated that the "oldest institution in this nation, whose members men and women have unconditionally defended democracy in this nation for over 200 years, even giving their lives to defend it, I expect respect."