Benefits of Burmese Massage

Benefits of Burmese Massage

Burmese massage combines Thai, Indian, Chinese as well as Lomi techniques. It is a style that focuses on the work of deep tissue and stress relief. The techniques used by this style have a relaxing effect and provide relief from a wide range of health issues. It is a soothing style of massage that is suitable for those looking to get a professional to perform it.

Burmese massage is a combination of Thai as well as Burmese.

오산출장안마 Burmese massage is similar to Thai massage but it is specifically targeted to the meridians of energy of the body. It is a gentle method of bodywork that uses both cross-fibre and downward pressure to regulate energy flow throughout the body. It can be extremely relaxing, especially when applied to the feet or legs. It also aids in circulation and ease tension in the body. Similar to Thai massage, Burmese massage can restore vitality and overall well-being.

The primary difference between Thai and Burmese massage is the fact that Thai massage relies on pressure points to treat the central nervous system. This system controls your emotions so it's possible that a Thai massage therapist might use the force of a massage to stimulate some pressure points. Burmese massage however is focused on relaxing and relieving tension on the spinal column.


The unique combination of different methods makes Chinese massage for Burmese people a truly unique experience. The massager uses acupressure and reflexology to gently massage the muscles. China is also making contributions to the practice through acupuncture. This massage style is soothing and can be used to treat back pain as well as other ailments.

Burmese massage is designed to improve circulation through stimulating pressure points. It helps to increase circulation, ease tension and pain, as well as improve sleep quality. Massage also increases flexibility.


There are many benefits to Indian massage for Burmese, including its soothing effects on the mind and body. It is a great treatment for people suffering from depression, anxiety or stress as well as other conditions. It also can aid in sleeping better. Massages are a wonderful way to unwind after a stressful day. The classic method is done using kneading to massage the muscles across the body.

Burmese massage doesn't use lotions, lotions or liquids like other types. Some practitioners may use Thanaka treatment. This is an oil made from the bark of the Thanaka tree. It is a light yellow paste with the scent of sandalwood. It's natural sunscreen that is also a relaxing skin cream. It also has anti-fungal properties. This treatment is extremely effective for skin care and is affordable.


You can expect an unforgettable experience at Lomi, regardless of whether you're just beginning or a seasoned practitioner of Burmese massage. The ancient method of massage is rooted in the importance of touching, connecting, and confidence. The intention is to let the patient relax and release during the massage. Warm oils are employed by the practitioner to massage the body of the client throughout the treatment.

The massage involves slow, rhythmic movements and is designed to relax the entire body. During the massage, the therapist will focus on two or more body parts simultaneously. This method confuses the client's brain so that the therapist can focus on the body's various parts simultaneously. Clients are able to select whether they wish to be completely or partially covered, depending on their level of comfort.


Burmese massage blends techniques drawn from Chinese, Indian, and Thai massages that relieve muscle cramps , as well as the causes of pains and discomforts. It increases circulation and improves joint mobility. It is great for those suffering from tight joints, or insomnia. It can also help relieve stress.

It is based upon the connection between the body and mind. It can ease inflammation, stiffness, swelling and inflexibility. It restores equilibrium to the body with very little intervention. Therapists must have deep knowledge of manipulating the soft tissues in order to offer this treatment.


A massage called Tok-Sen Burmese is one form of Thai massage that has been in use for centuries. These techniques are similar to Thai massage, but they are more gentle and less invasive. You can learn more about Burmese massage techniques by going to an Thai massage center or attending an instructor's workshop. These classes are usually led by American massage therapists, and don't reflect the authentic Thai massage.

Tok-Sen Burmese is a unique kind of bodywork. It is a combination of the manual pressure of stretching with passive stretching and vibrations created by using a wooden stick. This method transforms your body the way you feel, your mind and your energy.

Ko Min Min Soe

The traditional Burmese massage of Myanmar is a great solution to relax tension and stress. It also improves blood circulation and assists patients to get an improved night's rest. But, there are potential risks that come with this treatment for internal injuries, for instance. Ko Min Soe could suggest exercises that you can do at home, or suggest you practice regular yoga sessions.

Traditional Burmese massage is focused on the energy meridians. It's similar to Thai massage, but it is more specialized. It aims to balance the body's qi , and to promote relaxation. Massages usually begin with the legs and then moves to the rest of the body.