Mens Wedding Rings: THE BEST Guide

Mens Wedding Rings: THE BEST Guide

You've made the biggest decision of you as well as your partner's lives - you're going to get married!! Everyone has congratulated you and you've been been dreaming of this beach honeymoon somewhere hot, but before any of that can happen you should get some of the essentials done like choose wedding rings and this article is here to assist you through the procedure of choosing probably the most difficult - the mens wedding band.

Previously only available in simple plain bands, the look of mens wedding band has evolved so much during the last couple of years it now very nearly match it's female counterpart with options including everything from gold to silver, diamond, platinum and the male favourite - titanium. Now with regard to choice this change is excellent, but it does make something else a whole lot harder - making the decision!

So how exactly do you decide what kind of wedding ring you ought to be going for? Well the reality is you have to think when and where you are going to be wearing it. For instance, if you're planning to keep it on 24/7 and work within an office then you're going to be fine with most rings, including even the softest of golds. However if you're a guy who's handy with his hands and spends his days crafting, repairing or building, that pricey gold ring of yours is likely to be look old, bruised and battered before the ink has even had to be able to dry on the marriage certificate. In this instance, if you want a ring that's going to last then Tungsten or Titanium are the metals for you personally. Super strong, both of these metals aren't only going to have the ability to withstand being bashed around without breaking, but also will be the most resistant to scratches, dents and bends.

However if you think metal is all you need to be considering then reconsider. Metal is actually incredibly important regarding how the ring will look over time, but just as important is having a ring that best suits you and your look. Are you someone who likes a more understated look and therefore would suit a simple styled band or do you like to function as centre of attention and after a jewel set ring that is after the same?

And then there's the big old question of budget. How much can you afford to invest? When you have the budget of Brad Pitt then the world of rings is actually likely to be your oyster, but lets be honest, many people don't. Does this mean you're going to end up wearing exactly the same ring as every other man you find? Maybe  mens wedding ring , but thanks to the web and the era of the metrosexual the great news is now finding affordable rings which are also incredibly stylish has suddenly turn into a whole lot easier with traditional jewellers like Goldsmiths and H Samuels having amazing ranges and online you're literally spoilt for choice!

So let's gather what you ought to think about prior to going and making that big old purchase:

What's your budget? - Ensure you have a realistic figure in mind and stick to it. You won't only keep your bank manager happy, but will in actuality focus you and make ring investing in a whole lot easier.

When are you going to be wearing it? - If you're someone who isn't doing heavy manual work then this isn't something you're going to have to worry about too much, however for anyone who is then it is critical to decide whether you'll be wearing it at the job or not. If you and you want you as well as your wedding ring to survive then you're definitely going to want to be considering a harder metal

What look are you after? - It's easy to get swept up in the dazzling look of a ring, but be sure to don't forget that it needs to look good not just in the shop window, but also on your hand. If it's the opposite style to the rest you own let's not pretend... you're not apt to be too keen wearing it after the big day!